Recruiting is Complicated. Orange Wing Consulting makes it simple!

Our experienced team of recruiters take care of finding the right candidates for your positions, setting up interviews directly to your calendar, and giving you all the tools you need to hire the perfect match.

What our clients have to say

What makes Orange Wing Different?

We are proud to be the only all-inclusive recruiting service. We equip you with everything you need to start interviewing candidates virtually or at your office, from pre-screened candidates to an innovative real-time tracking system. With access to millions of resumes and our team of experienced recruiters, it’s never been easier to find who you’re looking for.

Expert Service.
Not Software.

Unlike recruiting software and job boards that are the tools, Orange Wing Consulting is the carpenter. We provide all necessary tools, resources, and the experienced artists to work them to their fullest. Everything is done for you!


We never lock you in to long-term contracts.

Simple Month to Month Plans
Quarterly Plans for a discount

No Scheduling

No caps on your scheduling. Every candidate is scheduled directly into your calendar!